Jan. 28th, 2015

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Host Dad accepted an offer for the house today.
Now we wait and see if it all goes through and I end up moving to East Horsley with them.

East Horsley isn't in a bad place, it's close to Guildford and Claygate and Esher isn't that far off, neither is Leatherhead (all good places to find au pairs) but the thought of having to make friends again and find a social life in a few short months is awful. I'll also be 90 minutes from Redhill by train, I'll have to source a new GP and Pharmacy (AGAIN) and chances are I'll have to change hospitals again (Or maybe back to St. Peter's in Chertsey.) Then again, maybe the GF has an automatic. Then again, if I keep up the visits every 3 months, I'll probably only have one more, MAYBE 2 before I head back to Canada.

I'm also not especially jazzed about moving in my Host Dad's girlfriend and her two kids (Boy 10, Girl 7). The boy and I get along alright, we've bonded over XBox games but the girl I know little about. I've only met her a handful of times and she tends to stay quiet and give me the eye.

That being said, HD and GF relationship kind of freaks me out. His wife, his "soulmate" was dead a year on Monday and he's ready to move in (and has possibly proposed) to this other woman already.

He gave me the offer of leaving when they move, but mom just booked the plane tickets for August, so I have to stay and, let's be realistic, what are the chances of me finding an au pair placement for April-August?


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