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My mother's mind started to go when her vision got bad enough that she couldn't see the calendar to write on it any more. Once she didn't have to keep track of things or drive, I swear her IQ dropped 50 points.

As a result, I am more than ready to just go home. Fuck the rest of Sweden, Iceland and Toronto. I just want to go home.

I gladly played tour guide while they were in the UK, I even told them I would. I put up with date SANFUs, inability to stick to a schedule when it was something they didn't really care about and went out of my way to organize all the shit they wanted to do. I did this all because I was led to believe that I wouldn't have to do any of this in Sweden. Mom assured me she had Sweden under control and all would be fine.

Only I spent weeks oking and talking her through booking things in Sweden and then we got here and it turns out she only has things she wants to do and the vaguest of ideas about how to get to said things. As a result, I'm standing around with the shittiest of maps and my phone trying to figure out Stockholm. Meanwhile, dad is doing racist impressions, crossing streets without looking and generally doing whatever the hell he wants while mom is all "Let's ask someone!" every 25 seconds when I can't figure shit out fast enough because I'm keeping track of the two of them. Today, we literally wasted 2 hours walking around the city because because she can't read instructions, dad kept wandering off and the city layout is ridiculous in places.

Have I mentioned that she has to tell everyone she talks to about being here to visit relatives for the first time in 40 years? And the racist jokes/impressions? Yeah.

There's more stuff I want to see int he city, but at this point I'm thinking about just taking tomorrow off and not getting out of bed.

17 days to go.

And then I have to live in an 800square foot house with them again.
I may or may not just kill myself.


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