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Apparently LJ stopped locking my entries automatically. I'm not sure when it did that, but I am too fucking lazy to fix it.

Fortunately, most RL people seem to have left LJ, so I guess it doesn't really matter any more.
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Could only get a Sunday ticket to LFCC because I was waiting to buy a photo op with Hayley first. Because they were supposed to go on sale this morning, but Showmasters hasn't updated the site and doesn't know when they'll get to it. Grrrr. . . .

If she doesn't have a photo op and a talk on Sunday I'm gonna be pissed at them and myself. And will redouble my efforts to see her in Toronto, which pretty well looks like it's gonna happen now.

ETA: GOT IT! I have a photo op with Hayley on Sunday!! YAY!
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Have made a last minute decision to go stalk Hayley Atwell, Richard Dean Anderson and Nicole DeBoer at London Film and Comic Con in July.

Because my fandom friends are shameless.

And why the hell not??
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I've been taking Steggy prompts on Tumblr and through writing them I stumbled upon a Big Bang plot?

Hell, I even came up with a way to get 1940s Peggy to the present day.
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1. All Disney films are problematic in some way. ALL. OF. THEM. Some Re: films with non-white characters, culture, society, ritual, etc, are more problematic than others. But please, keep telling me how they're not. I enjoy crushing you with academia :)

2. I switched my Het Big Bang from Sam/Jack to Peggy/Steve and I think I stumbled upon a plot this evening? I'm gonna give myself a couple more days to think about it and then force some writing.

3. I signed up for SG1 Big Bang (due some time in Dec?) so the Sam/Jack fic will move there.

4. England is playing at summer again and I don't like it.
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Me: A pitcher of Pimms, please.
Him: You need a glass or are you ok?
Me: Mmmmm . . . . Just a straw would be great.
Him: Ok, now I'm jealous.
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So, I'm getting a free trip up to the Worcestershire area at the end of July, so that's pretty awesome. R is heading up to her grandmothers to spend some time with her, her partner and R's half brother, I. Gramma can't come down to get her and R's dad can't take her up, so looks like I'm gonna take her up, hang around for a few days and then head home with R. SWEET. There's some stuff around Worcestershire and Gloucestershire I wanted to see, but couldn't figure out how to do it for a reasonable price.

I've also officially changed my Big Bang from Sam/Jack to Peggy Steve. The SG1 Big Bang has started up again and the due date is much friendlier to my reluctant SJ muse.
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Have written nothing for big bang in ages.
Did write a tiny Steggy fic though.
So, at least I'm writing?
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It it's "passively transphobic" to say "Caitlyn Jenner is so much prettier than me." we need to start calling out all the "passive homophobia" from all the straight people commenting on how homosexuals of the same sex are so much prettier/handsomer than them.

Either that, or Tumblr needs to collectively go out side and play.

In other news: 2041/25 000
I am NEVER going to finish this POS.
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My iPhone's home button is starting to not work. And this wasn't a gradual thing, this was a suddenly today all the nopes kind of thing.
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So, I'm now obsessed with Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter).

I need to shove her and Amanda Tapping in a room and let the two of them school me in Bad Assery. And other things.

Also, AT9 is scheduled for fall 2016. Need to start saving IMMEDIATELY!
Maybe I'll be really ambitious and plan a few days in the UK for the convention and to prowl around London and then head down to Amsterdam for a few days . . .

In Big Bang news . . . . I have a whole 1.5 pages written.
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Agent Carter.


Sooooooooooooo much ass kicking and snark and sarcasm
and that tiny issue of the patriarchy needing it's ass handed to them.

But Peggy will take care of the in good time.

I'm confident.

(I'm also confident she's TOTALLY related to Sam Carter, I just haven't figured out how yet.)
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Dear England,
We need to have a chat about the big ass spiders I keep finding in my room.
Absolutely no love,
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Amanda Tapping is FINALLY going to be back on TV. She's scored a guest start spot on a show called Killjoys.

One of the articles about this referred to her as "scifi royalty" to which I say WHAT TOOK YOU SO FUCKING LONG TO REALIZE THIS????

I mean, damn. The internet has been calling her Queen T/Grand Empress of Scifi FOR YEARS.
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Two stupid things I've done today:

1. Fell down some stairs.
2. Signed up for het_bigbang with my SG1 kid!fic.

You may now start laughing at me.
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Ok, question time.

I want to use Evee as a nick name for Evelynn. Would you pronounce it Eh-Vee or EE-Vee?
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So, after the bullshit that went down with me and my stories in the Castle fandom, I'm pretty well stopped writing fic with rare exceptions for certain friends. This, of course, hasn't stopped my brain from coming up with plot ideas. It has, however, stopped my brain from doing anything about said ideas. So, here, have some various plots for various fandoms.
These are all gonna be kid!fics, so . . . . yeah.

Nebulously set in season 7, most likely post Anubis and no Pete. Kid!fic.
While SG1 are on a planet searching for an Ancient research outpost, they make stumble upon a lone village of seemingly mute people. Cue a random (probably Ba'al)Goa'uld attack in which Carter literally trips over a small girl from the village and brings her through the gate with her only to discover that the village has been wiped out and the girl is the only survivor.
Predictable trials and tribulations ensue with Sam and Jack inevitably bonding over the girl and falling into a relationship.

100 Days AU. Sam/Jack. (Not a kid!fic. I KNOW!)
While trying to hurry Jack, Laira and the kids along, Sam ends up trapped on Edora with Jack. Knowing it will take at least a year for the Tolan to reach them with a ship, longer if they have to wait for the Tok'ra, Sam and Jack do their best to settle into the village and carve out a life among the still angry Edorans.
When word reaches Earth that Sam and Jack have indeed been rescued and will be returning as soon as the Edoran Stargate is rescued, Kinsey sees this as his chance to finally oust Jack O'Neill and pin Samantha Carter, and the Stargate, under his thumb. He's read the Zatarc reports after all and is sure that the two gave into a physical relationship while on Edora.

Stargate: Atlantis:
Season 3 AU. Kid!Fic
In an attempt to secure a trade treaty, the natives insist that Elizabeth be present for the negotiations. Everything is going along unusually smoothly and just as Elizabeth, John and his team start to think they're home free for once, the tribe leader springs one last test upon them. In order to make sure that the humans of Atlantis are as good and trustworthy as they seem to be, a small girl is presented to Elizabeth and John. As the leaders of Atlantis, the way in which they treat the girl and care for her will be used to decide if the expedition as a whole is worthy of doing trade with the tribe. And, to ensure an accurate test, there is no finish date given, they are simply told that Atlantis will be contacted when enough time has passed.

Set some point after Ashley is killed. Kid!fic
Helen is forced to examine the consequences of keeping people at arms length and the cool exterior she's adopted in the wake of Ashley's death while Will is forced to examine the way in which his belief in fact, truth and honesty have changed since finding a safe haven in the Sanctuary when the effects of their choices lead the Sanctuary's newest and youngest resident to believe that their promises were lies and there truly is no Sanctuary for her to find.

Sleepy Hollow:
Post-7 years of trial and tribulation. Kid!fic
While struggling to find a new normal in the wake of their 7 year fight, Abbie and Ichabod rescue a small girl from the sacrificial altar of a Demon worshiping cult. Knowing that there are cult members still desperate to acquire the girl and finish the interrupted ritual in a last ditch attempt at bringing about the apocalypse, the pair hide the girl at the cabin with Ichabod. (The secret cult knew she was going to be sacrificed all along so they never bothered to register her birth with any government body. The girl is essentially a non-person). Inevitably, Ichabod finds a new purpose in caring for the girl while Abbie tries to figure out what happens next.

Jake story line
Castle and Beckett stumble upon a baby while investigating the murder of a young woman. Castle, being Castle, picks up the baby without warning and becomes part of the chain of evidence meaning that he has to stay with the baby and Beckett has to stay with him. Not wanting to tip off whoever is responsible for the murder, Beckett and Castle both make a strong case to keep the baby hidden and out of the system. As the investigation drags on and the leads lead to nothing, their excuses for keeping the baby start to dry up until Castle comes up with a desperate plan to keep the baby they've now had custody off for nearly 6 months: get married to adopt the baby.

(This story is very problematic for me. I wrote this plot line, along with a shit ton of others, while I was REALLY into Castle. Unfortunately for me, a well known Castle writer, trappedinamatchbox, ripped off the first part I wrote and published of this story. It was published on Tumblr, so there wasn't much I could do. When I confronted her about it, her and her fans turned on me and that was the beginning of the end of my time int he Castle fandom. I think about this fic a lot, but I worry about the bullshit that will follow me if I A) come back into the fandom and B) publish the story online. I don't have the fandom clout to win if trappedinamatchbox and her fans come after me again.)

Sophie line. AU
Beckett and Sorensen got married and had a daughter together but got divorced after Beckett came home with the baby one afternoon to find him in bed with a random blonde. 3 years later and now working as a paralegal, Beckett and Sophie have a chance meeting with Richard Castle and his 7 year old daughter Alexis in the park and this, inevitably, leads to the two of them eventually falling into a relationship.
Trouble finds the 4 of them a few years later when Beckett goes to pick up Alexis and Sophie from school, only to find them talking Will Sorensen who had just finished giving a safety lecture at the school. Beckett assures Will that he gave up the chance to be in Sophie's life when she caught him cheating and she also lets him know that Sophie knows little to nothing about him and isn't even curious about him. A few weeks later, Beckett finds herself served with a petition for joint custody.

Maia Line. AU.
A cousin of Beckett's dies suddenly and asks her to take custody of her 18 month old daughter. With help from her dad, Castle, his family and the boys at work, Beckett begins the long, bumpy road of settling into motherhood.

Johanna line. AU
After her mother's murder, Beckett's Wild Child makes a swift comeback and she soon finds herself pregnant after a one night stand. She runs into a newly divorced Richard Castle in a university coffee shop one night where they strike up a friendship that eventually leads to them becoming each other's family and support system. And, eventually, even more.

College AU
Richard Rogers is an over confident, arrogant English major who is convinced he's one step away from publishing his first novel and making millions. Kate Beckett is a struggling English major with an alcoholic father and a murdered mother who is just trying to keep her head above water long enough to transfer into the criminal justice program when a chance meeting in the quiet corner of the university library changes things for the both of them.

Want and Need, Luck and Chance
Sequel to Life and Death, Hope and Faith
Beckett struggles with the lasting effects of Ryan's shooting and finding a new path in life now that she is 100% sure that she is probably never going to pick up her badge and gun again. Maybe. While Castle offers his absolute and unconditional support for whatever she chooses to do, in the end its Martha who gives her the help she needs.

Maybe This Time
While waiting outside a 5 year old Alexis' school with her 18 month old brother Charlie, Castle meets and strikes up a conversation with one Detective Kate Beckett who had drawn the short straw about talking to kids about strangers and plain clothed officers.

Post-Andy. Kid!Fic (You picked up on a trend yet?)
Brennan and Booth are investigating a gruesome murder in which the victim's 4 year old daughter was tied to a chair and forced to watch as her parents were tortured to death before she herself was left for dead.
Only the girl nor her parents seem to exist. And there's no proof that the murdered adults were even her parents.
Concerned about revenge killings if word gets out that the girl is still alive, Brennan and Booth take it upon themselves to take care of her. Naturally, this leads to character growth for Brennan, introspection for Booth and a little romance along the way.
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When I was a tiny kid (3-8) I watched Sharon, Lois and Bram religiously. I loved Elephant and Eric Nagler and all the songs.

Needless to say, I was heart broken when they ended the show.

Hell, I still have their 10th anniversary birthday vinyl.

I was scrolling through my FB feed only to see that Lois had died of a rare cancer.

Between this, Jonathan Crombie dying and watching the Stargate/Star Trek casts age, I feel like my childhood/youth is slipping away.

Let's not even talk about the fact that the songs that were popular when I was in high school are now on the oldies station.
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Jonathan Crombie died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage in New York on Wednesday and the news only broke this weekend. My mom says it was big news in Canada on Sat and that doesn't surprise me. Crombie got his big break as Gilbert Blythe in the Anne movies opposite Megan Follows when they were teenagers and that pretty much sealed his fate as a Canadian icon.

His sister is quoted as saying he loved Gil so much and was so proud of the role that he would happily answer to Gil when the name was called out by fans on the street and that makes me very happy.

I love those movies (Yes, even the third one. I refuse to talk about the fourth one.) and I loved the way he and Follows gave life to Anne and Gil. Anne is probably one of the only books where I have ever had a mental image for the characters and Follows and Crombie were Anne and Gil and always will be.

Needless to say, I'll be taking a break from the unexpected SG1 rewatch to stay up too late watching Anne.
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Just a reminder
that this glorious creature
is a respected actor, director, activist
mother, wife, philanthropist, honourary doctorate holder
a someone we all look up to on a daily basis.


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