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I'm house sitting for the next two weeks, but I'm waiting for my laundry to dry. Normally I wouldn't care, but I have that pesky little event known as work to go to tomorrow and after finishing putting "ON" in the little box, they stuck me out in the front of the credit union (Where the peoples are! 0.o) so I have to look semi-professional. ANYWAYS, make a long story short, Ellie gets the honour of being written tonight, providing the title of You Used To Captivate Me

TitleYou Used To Captivate Me. . .
Spoilers ER up to, well, all of it.
SummaryYou used to captivate me. .. Everything about you used to captivate me.
Ellie, I know you don't like Carby, but I think you'll like this one. )
There, angsty Carby then become Carter/Kem.
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Announced that I felt I should write ER fic tonight. I have no idea why, I haven't written ER fic since Luka beat that guy to death on the bridge when he tried to mug Abby. She requested an Angsty!Luka/Abby. Post/pre-break up, it didn't matter. We shall see where it goes.

TitleIf I'm Lucky
ratingPG-13, some naughty words
SpoilersThat one where Luka beats the guy on the bridge, the priest arc.
SummaryThey were both pretty fucked up, she knew that. She knew why she was the way she was, a crazy mother would fuck anyone up but him, there was so much more there. She knew bits and pieces that he shared with her; he'd been married in Croatia, a couple of kids and he'd lost them all in the war. He'd left shortly afterwards and come to the States. She assumed he'd come here for a fresh start.

Luby for Ellie. Totally pulled out of my ass. )


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