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Title Riding the Waves
Fandom Stargate: Atlantis
Paring Sheppard/Weir
Rating NC-17
Summary AU of The Return. Written for the swficathon.

To The Fic )
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Title Resolutions
Fandom Gilmore Girls
Rating NC-17 (SEX!)
Summary As Lorelai and Christopher's relationship resolves it's self, her unresolved feelings towards Luke rear their ugly head.
Notes Written for the LL Reunited 2007 ficathon.

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So, I read a random comment that tomorrow was tome_raider's birthday. She hasn't gotten back to me on requesting a birthday fic. So, tonight I shall write her challenge. Three words: H/Hr, quick shag, Shrieking Shack. Writing smut on the ministers computer. Why do I not feel bad about this?

Title Just like Old Times
Year Post-Hogwarts
SummaryPointless smutt as a B-day pressie because I am a cheap bastard.

Mmmm . . . . . smut. . . . . )

Eh, I'm really sorry. I started to write this and was into it and then just as it was supposed to get hot, I didn't really want to do it any more. I think it's a little rushed. I really am sorry about that dear.
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So, while wasting my life on the internet, as always, I asked Dina to give me an idea for a fic. She responded with:
"Uhhh . . . . I'm haunted by you"

And I said:
"Yeah, I can work with that."

So, here ya go!

Dina, the sex just happened. It's after the third set of stars. Skip it, it's not all that important to the plot. In fact, I don't think it matters at all.

TitleI'm Haunted By You
YearPost-Hogwarts, I guess
Summary"I'm haunted by you," he whispered to her. "Even when you're here, but not with me, I'm haunted by your memory."

Uhhhh . . . insert cleaver line here. )

Well, what do you know tome_raider, I seem to have presented the LJ world with a SWS. Without even trying to.
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So, I found a new layout on LJ for free. And I seem to be back to a red lay out again. I don't really know why. Anyways, if anyone wanted to point me in the direction of a PoA and or H/HR LJ layout, that would be spiffy. I really want something cool, something different. something that will co-ordinate with all the spiffy H/HR icons I have amassed at my greatestjournal. Since I'm all artistic and anal about things being co-ordinated and all. Really, if I could have one layout colour theme for each of my icons, I would. Seriously.

There's medication for that, you know.

.....I'm on enough medication, thanks. I don't need any more.

Okay, the smut. . . . . CORNY TITLE ALERT!!

TitleIn the Pale Moon Light
SpoilersBooks/Movies. All of them. Cover ALL my bases.
Summary A little bit of first time lovin's for our heroes. Hopefully, a few laughs and some tenderness will be found with in.

In the Pale Moon Light. Wasn't that an ep of DS9? )

Hope this meets with approval. I really, really do.
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So, In praise of my new Hero, tome_raider, I present (Tada!) SMUT! And not just any smut, pre-1am, wet!harry, she-devil!Hermione smut. Yum.

Title Warm Water Wash Only, Tumble Dry
Raiting NC-17. Did you miss the 'SMUT!!' up there?
Spoilers Up to Book 5, I suppose.
Year 6th. It's only a little illegal.
Summary She-Devil!Hermione. Wet!Harry. Tight, dirty quidditch robes. Empty prefects bathroom. Any questions?

Warm Water Wash Only, Tumble Dry )

Hope this is met with approval. . .
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When ever she gets back of course, I shall point her towards this. Hope auntie feels better soon!

Title: Study Break (How unoriginal.)
Author: Me.
Rating: NC-17. Oh yeah baby!
Year: 7th. Nice and legal. I think.
Spoilers: Hell no
Plot: God I hope not. I'm not ready to write a SWS yet.
Library smut )

There ya go kiddies.
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This is definitely a rambling for want of anything better to do entry.


God, I have no idea why that makes me so happy! Seriously people, what's wrong with me?

Have an urge to write smut again. It sounds wonderful in my head and then when I try to get it out, it gets all jumbled and awkward and strange. Any tips out there? Anyone? Anything to help me out? My naughty thoughts need to escape from their confinement!

Next topic: Uhhhhh . . . .

I got nothin'. But I don't want to be done yet. Sooooo . . . . . PoA eh? At the IMAX? I will be at the one in Toronto. God I hope I'm there on the 4th., if not, I'll be in Ottawa and shall watch it on a normal screen first. Anyone gonna be in Ottawa/Toronto and meet up with me? I doubt it. Everyone I know is eithe rgoing to NY or is somewhere else in the states/Britain/Aussie land. So, yeah. Woo! PoA! So fuckin' pumped! It's about time!

I want the Honey dukes candy. Badly. But then agian, who doesn't?

Wee! I dunno where this came from, but I think it's pretty good. Comments are apreciated, as is a hint as to where else I can post this! Jori, Liss, maybe I should be a member of erotic_elves, instead of just monitering it?

Harry/Hermione, first time. Few odd years after they get out of school.

H/Hr first time. )


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