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Look Michelle, ENTERPRISE! fanfiction!!

Title Fallen From Grace
Part XII
Fandom Star Trek: Enterprise
Rating R
Spoilers The Xindi plot
Summary A/U. The future is a rough place. Everyone has done things they're not proud of to get by.

Part 12 )
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Well, here we are again kids. I guess I left Malcolm hanging long enough.

Fallen From Grace XI )
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Yeah, I finally got around to torturing Malcolm . . And y'all who are reading this.

Thanks for makin' me a fighter )

So . . . Did I just. . . ? Or didn't I?
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Ya know, it just occured to me that nothing has happened to Porthos. . .
Just for you Michelle.

You inhuman monster! Torturing the dog! )
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Well, apparently a mental health day is a good thing.

Title Fallen From Grace
Part 8
Rating R
Spoilers Xindi. Loosely
Summary The future is rough place and they've all done things they're not proud of.

Gonna take one of these more often. )
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So, flipping through some of the parts and I realized that I really started to let their baser instincts come out.

So tell me . . .  )
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I was asked the other night if they're going to redeem themselves. Truth be told, I don't know.

Why didn't you come to me? )
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Travis, I just don't know what to say . . . )

Ohhhhh Tavis . . . . .
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Finished off my pills tonight. In celebration, ENT ficcage for you before I dash off to bed.

Jamie Oliver is on the tube again. He iz deh sexy. )

Hehehe . . . I don't really Think he could be a prize fighter.
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Again, continuing on from last night. Have a bit of a better idea where I'm going with this now. I think.

I like John Kerry's wife. She's even nice to the 'special' kids. )

Oh, Hoshi . . . .
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Scifijunkie gets a fic tonight. Hurrah! ENT! I think. Most likely Trip/Hoshi, since that seems to be all I write int he ENT fandom . . .

You should expand your horizons

I should. Point?

Meh *Shrug* Just sayin'

Good good.

Title Fallen from Grace
RatingSoft R I think. Not really sure.
SpoilersThe Xindi plot. Loosely.
Summary A/U. The future is a rough place. Everyone has done things that they're not proud of to get by.
Mmmm . . .angsty!Trip . . . . )
Hmmm . . . have to go to the dog. This one seems to have turned into a multi parter. I will be back!


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